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What 56 People Did To Ruin Their Lives But Make Ours Possible

American  Solution Is To Stand Against Tyranny Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Their story. . . Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.   Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants. Nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags. Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward. Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton , Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton. At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis   had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson... read more

AFIO PARTY | Eliances Twitter Blog

What would it be like to attend a 007 party, hosted by retired intelligence officers (or are they?)  On Friday April 24th there is being held the 3rd annual James Bond 007 Scholarship Fundraising Event.  It’s got Bond Girls, Aston Martins, Live Band, Awesome dinner selection.  There’s more going on here than I can tell you!  Go to http://eliances.net/afio/ for details.  Wanna do something different?  This is it.  Don’t miss out! Source: eliances.net I hope to see many of you there. This is one gem of seeing how great events are done.  As the famous tagline says:  FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!  Whatever industry you’re in, stories sell, and the Arizona Chapter of Retired Intelligence Officers have stories to tell (things that have been declassified the public still does not know about).  In my line of work, I’m always ‘spidering the web’ so much so friends nicknamed me ‘spiderman’.  One of the things I’ve learned, is it’s great to learn from other industry professionals, and it’s even greater to be around a whole group of people who do something else, that happen to need your expertise for what you do.  Come, make friends, this is a great date night to be remembered!  The Orange Tree Resort is where to be April 24th.  If you were ever curious about what ‘spys’ do, AKA intelligence officers, meet some fascinating people, it’s a night of dinner, dancing, and... read more

Phoenix ICon March 31st- April 2nd

Ultimate Small Business Learning Conference The ICON small business conference to be held over three days (March 31st-April 2nd- tickets at attendicon.com has a lot of accomplished and amazing entrepreneurs who will be speaking and training.  One of the sessions I am excited about is seeing Lisa Macqueen, cofounder of CleanCorp.  Their growth was fast and aided with automating many tasks dealing with clients and their cleaners.  Personalizing communication seems to be their secret sauce.  The commercial cleaning business is highly competitive so to see how quickly they grew their revenues is of great interest.  I’m sure the overall strategies apply to many businesses.  This is just one of many exciting speakers and small business training sessions.   Cydcor Foter CC BY Infusionsoft was kind to offer a special promo code to Eliances members, and gave their permission to offer the promo to people we are connected with.  The website Attendicon.com offers a nice promo that brings the ticket price for the three day event down to $299.  However, use the code below to register and get in free.  There’s free food to make it easy to enjoy a whole day’s experience.  Be sure to check the calendar on the site for sessions you would like to attend.  If  you spot me walking around with an Eliances vest on, please come up and introduce yourself! Here’s the promo code that gets you in free, and how to register:   1.Go to Attendicon.com 2.Click register 3.Click on ‘general audience’ 4.Enter promo code phxbiz@icon 5.Complete application 6.Enter password and confirm Related articles across the web Sneak Peek: Infusionsoft’s ICON 2015 Conference for... read more

How to Avoid Fatal YouTube Flaws

A Fatal YouTube Flaw Is Falling For YouTube Myths If you intend to or are using YouTube to host your business videos, there are a few easy ways to fall victim to YouTube oblivion, by falling for myths and other considerations.  Consider that when you embed a YouTube video on your website, your visitors could easily watch on YouTube instead.  That means less time spent on your site.  It’s not likely the visitor will make their way back.  So, a simple answer is to host the video on your own YouTube channel and host your video again on your own site without the YouTube player with all its distractions. A fatal flaw is to not properly optimize your video.  Another fatal flaw is to depend on YouTube to attract an audience.  It’s a fatal flaw to not promote the video. Here are YouTube Myths that can create more fatal flaws: Exerpt  Myths 1-5 from: SearchEngineWatch Myth #1: Virality is the only measure of YouTube success. The most successful creators release episodic series to generate high sharing and viral activity, as one video will often break out and then introduce massive audiences to the entire series. Myth #2: You can only be successful on your own. While brand advertisers should optimize their own channels for discovery, authentic collaborations with YouTube creators can be a hugely impactful way to help new viewers discover their brands. Myth #3: All videos must provide utility. Although how-to and informational videos play a key role in a content strategy, tapping into the cultural moments and memes that your audience is a part of on YouTube... read more

Seth’s Blog: Despite, in spite of, because… three ways to manage creativity

The people you hire will do creative work despite your management style, sometimes. Or they might do it in spite of your approach, rarely. But the most likely way to get the work you seek is to earn it, to… Source: sethgodin.typepad.com Interesting how creativity is applied by employees either because of leadership or rarely in spite of leadership.  This leads to inspirational leadership. If you have a team of sales people who must sell the appointment and then go the prospect to make a sales presentation, the team’s individuals have to great at both and manage their time optimally.  Leadership must foster, reward, and share creative techniques to better the team overall. Specialization can help a business make best use of the sales team’s individual members by delegating the sales process to those that are best at getting the appointment and those who should be making the in person presentations.  This may optimize sales results. However, if having a sales team means each member should be spending as close to 100% selling, then the emphasis of the leader is to focus the team on only those activities, getting better prepared for the sales call and making sales calls. A solution to making that happen could be to partially or fully outsource the appointment setting activity to experts who can consistently keep your sales team in front of more prospects, and doing a better job at closing deals.  You can learn about what we do to make that happen at Intelemark, the virtual call center team does this kind of work for businesses who need access to top decision... read more

Build More Than A Following Create A Tribe

Commitment To Your Idea Is The Makings Of A Tribe We are talking about fans who are true believers, the ones who do more than go look at your website or attend your event.  They bring others in hopes that they too will commit to your ideas, they buy your tickets, fill your seats, and will go out of their way to support you in many surprising ways.  This is different from the advertising, discounting routine many companies engage in.  A committed fan builds interest around what you offer and actively promotes you.  In exchange, fans expect generosity and bravery.  Bravery is about you backing your idea with unwavering belief in the face of competition, negativity and anything else that creates a barrier.  You do what a leader does and become the defacto leader.  It’s how you go from an idea you believe in to a movement. My own effort to build a tribe is a work in progress, moving from a following, people who use my services to clients that believe in my tenets of: 1) overhead costs for an online business should be close to zero on everything that does not drive return on investment.  2) engaging content published daily will do more for a business when the content is promoted and syndicated to social networks.  3) that social networks drive more qualified traffic while helping organic search engine results. To sum it up in one ‘song’, the title would be: You Can Accomplish The Most Online On A Dime You probably built your business or want to, in order to follow your dream, and support your... read more

How To Do Business In 60 Seconds

How To Attract Prospective Clients In A 3G Methodology The very best use of your time is to master the Got, Give, Get method that in a minute or even less, let’s everyone who hears you, understand what it is you’ve got to offer, what you have to give, and what you are looking to get out of it.   cambodia4kidsorg Foter CC BY   More business has come out of the Eliances ROUNDtable than any other like venues.  Actually, there’s very little resemblance to the typical business networking group.  Tom Zender wrote a very good piece for the Phoenix Business Journal that explains how anyone can turn an elevator speech approach into a very productive tool. Traditionally, people spend the precious seconds to focus on the good things about their company and then ask for what they need. Few consider offering something of value to their audience at no charge and with no strings attached. See the Original... read more

Using Both Content Curation and Original Content

Rules To Generate Best Results Publishing on LinkedIn…. It’s not where you write as much as it’s what you write and importantly, how you present your content that helps drive interest and approval through viral sharing.  LinkedIn’s new publishing platform now open to more people to use has its own unique barometer to what works best.  Like many others discovering the LinkedIn platform, who also blog…. pedrosimoes7 Foter CC BY ….we tend to think about writing on what we know and are passionate about, and then about adding curated content to give readers a rich and engaging experience that delivers value to them from several viewpoints.   Nostalgic Look At Writing Helps When Using A Computer noodlepie Foter CC BY-NC You can think using a PC is faster and easier and you’ll be mostly right.  But it’s your mindset when you sit down that determines your ‘output flow’ and worthwhileness pretty much depends on whether your passion and thought  is something readers identify with and desire to share with others. Formulating A Content Strategy That Resonates And Drives Desire To Share dotcompals Foter CC BY  Developing A Strong Writing Habit The recipe begins with mixing skill with desire and knowledge.  Once these are in balance, good writing habits can develop to produce quality content.  A fair amount of planning can help set a course so that content served is easily digested and hunger for more remains. novelpursuit Foter CC BY-NC-SA  Crushing The LinkedIn Publishing Platform Yes, someone has come up with their ‘rules of engagement’ to make the most of publishing on LinkedIn’s platform that is now open to... read more

Google+ Search Power Can Be Leveraged

Though Author Tags Were Dropped There’s A Way To Rank What if you could almost guarantee a first page search results to a highly targeted audience? With Google+, you can! Google has enhanced the power of direct Google+ content in personalized search……And…there’s more!   Eleni Zazani Foter Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) Google has been successful increasing ad revenue by returning personalized search results. No two people see the same organic results.  However, with a bit of work building your Google+ searches, you can get to the first page of Google by posting content on your Google+ Page and Business Pages.  It comes down to building your circles.  The results are amazing when others in your circles see what you posted on their first page search when the topic is being searched for.  Even their circles will see your posts on the first page as well. Related articles across the web Advanced Google Plus Networking Strategies Useful, Interesting, and Engaging Content Brings... read more

Content Marketing That Keeps Paying Off Over Time

Use Case Studies For Building Strong Interest And Longevity…. We all love stories, it’s the one thing that holds attention in its many forms.  Video is the most powerful storytelling method to date. Great stories touch the heart and mind.  The topic of case studies for content marketing is well defined by Jeff Bullas, there’s an article link at the bottom that goes to his breakdown into six reasons experts include case studies.  To me, it’s more than adding a case study because its content stays relevant for a very long time, evergreen as marketers call it.  It’s more than just the proof of concept, of backing up your claims and opinions.  The one thing we all know pretty well, is engaging stories influence and sell. Since video is the most powerful media delivery tool, it makes a lot of sense to present a case study through video storytelling.  Already, the case study is fifty times more powerful told in video format than in text and pics alone. Case studies not only add a huge level of authority to your website but are also one of those incredible ways of generating long term traffic. Read... read more

Useful, Interesting, and Engaging Content Brings Buyers

Surely You Have Something To Contribute…. Whatever your service or product is, people buy from whom they’ve come to trust. You may have some competition or a lot of competition, the differentiators are what people use to compare, quality, price, benefits, and trust.  Without trust, the other attributes lose their value proposition.  The most successful entrepreneurs, and I’ve met many through Eliances business roundtables, all have a common thread.  They do not think in terms of what they are out to GET, the focus is on what the entrepreneur has to GIVE.  By giving, you get….but people have to know what it is you’ve GOT to determine if what you’ve got is worth getting.  How does your product or service improve their life? Maybe all your product does is entertain. That certainly ends the problem of boredom.  By giving valuable content away that truly helps, people become interested in what you’ve got to offer.  In online marketing, it’s not uncommon to give away 90% of what you know in order to sell the highly sought after 10%. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ Foter Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)   Qualitative content is fresh and informative. It is useful, interesting, and engaging. It incorporates valuable keywords naturally based on SEO best practices. It’s the type of article you start by scanning but end up reading to the end – the kind of blog post you bookmark and come back to again and again. If it is geared toward a specific persona, then you really have a winner. Read more Related articles across the web Create a value proposition that differentiates... read more

Power Of Hashtags Put To Great Use

Using Hashtags To Beat A Path To Your Content License: Attribution License Author: melenita2012 / Flickr Hashtags are extremely useful social media tools that can help you get more exposure, improve your social media reach and create successful social media campaigns- SteamFeed. For directing interest in your content, the proper use of hashtags needs to be understood and also organized and managed.  Fortunately hashtag management tools have evolved to make using hashtags easier and more effective through reporting useful data.  Yeah, data, there’s that word again, associated with information systems, bigness, spying….and overall usefulness.  It’s why products and services you took a little interest in seem to follow you around the internet.  What’s next?  Cars that are wrapped, and billboard trucks driving down your street carrying the message closer to home that it’s time to buy?  Well, that is a lot more cost prohibitive than popping up in your smartphone, probably in your Facebook feed or other ‘free platform’ that is advertiser supported.  So, back to hashtags being a way to be found by like interested people.  There are great tools to use to help choose, organize, optimize, and funnerize your content, the Steamfeed article (go read and bookmark it) can help you with #ContentMarketing.   Related articles across the web The Complete Guide to Using Hashtags How to Effectively Use Hashtags for Maximum Engagement Hashtag, You’re It! How To Use Hashtags In Your Marketing Strategy A Hashtag Handbook for Online Students The dos and don’ts of hashtags for e-commerce marketing Why Hashtags are Important as a Digital Marketing... read more

Ten Ways For Using Twitter To Great Effect

The Long and Short of Tweeting Effectively….  The first rule of thumb is an optimal length that leaves room for others to retweet.  Some of the small details are important, such as the better result spelling out ‘retweet’ when asking people to do so (80 to 110 characters).  A lot of emphasis is on the time of release, that daytime and weekends are the optimal times.  The use of hashtags, the number of tags also affect engagement.  There is also a lot of evidence that adding a photo or vine photo gets better engagement.  What is a little surprising is how few tweets take advantage of including a link that could take an interested party to a landing page for leads and sales activity.  When broadcasting company tweets daily, the author thinks one to four tweets is enough.  I think six is more like it because feeds move quickly and it’s important to have enough tweets to get your message across.  The tweets can be all different, and spacing the sales oriented tweets out is better than continually pounding the sale.  It’s far better to be offering valuable content worth engaging with and occasionally sending a more sales oriented tweet.  Just the same, it’s a good idea to always have a call to action even when you’re not selling, but directing to more information useful to your audience. To get a tool that curates relevant content to a blog and automatically tweets the content, go see Level 3 content marketing services… 10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement Related articles across the web Five Great Twitter features to increase... read more

Explain Pinterest Mobile Marketing

Would A Mobile Marketing Campaign Using Pinterest Be Worth It? It’s all about browsing pictures of everything you’re interested in.  So doesn’t it make sense to combine this desirable content with a some interesting factoids about your service or product to create a little buyer interest?  Sure, why not paint the world in color, your online world at least. Recently I took down a blog full of product photos and descriptions.  The replacement theme is a pinterest style WordPress theme that makes the content highly shareable.  The design makes the pics easy to pin. Mobile marketing using Pinterest is working well when the photos are highly engaging and linking to mobile friendly sites extends the same quality experience, leaving a positive impression every time. The social network recently revealed that up to 75% of all daily Pinterest traffic comes from mobile devices. Which raises the question, how can your brand increase the likelihood that your pins get shared and clicked-through on the mobile app? Read more at http://www.business2community.com/infographics/complete-guide-pinterest-mobile-marketing-infographic-0957621#UlW3o0MDQjgcJg52.99 Related articles across the web Mobility Infographic: Work is No Longer a Location, It’s an Activity 10 Best Practices for Pinterest Mobile Marketing – #infographic Complete Guide to Pinterest Mobile Marketing (Infographic) Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool A Breakdown Of Pinterest Users – infographic 10 Things You Need to Do When Getting Started on... read more

Build High Value Content And Become A Big Fish In Your Pond

Image credit: Ewen Roberts/Flickr In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, you could say it takes a village to run a startup. Between staff, products, marketing and sales funnels, it’s no wonder nine out of 10 startups fail. Developing and nailing your marketing strategy is no easy task…original article here. Planning and Executing Your Content Marketing Just how do you make your product and its messaging synonymous with your brand. Start with totally knowing your product and your audience.  The good news is content marketing is less than half the cost of the traditional ways of marketing and advertising your business.  Done consistently and the number of prospects that come along can triple the number of opportunities to convert from a lead to a buyer.  That sounds like reason enough, but think of content that you publish today is still accessible and  working for you way down the road.  It is evergreen and builds your ability to show up in search and social networks a far greater number of times than any other organic method. Let’s make one thing clear, it is not the only strategy.  When a business is fighting the battle like a startup, it should be noted that they need some business, any business coming in.  Evergreen is the long term solution and direct response used wisely, sparingly, and frugally is the short term strategy of bringing home business now. Related articles across the web A Framework for Maximizing Startup Marketing Effectiveness Sales for Scalable Startups: Start selling a free product now Ginger.io startup uses smartphones to detect mental... read more

Whose Better Than What Between Google and Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is good for lead generation and building relations, this is a marketing step that sets the path to the sale through establishing trust and value.  Google, has searchers that are directing their attention to researching and buying, with buyer intent being stronger, though only a portion of the traffic that reaches your site.  If you are after a very narrow audience and building your brand with that audience is a top goal towards educating and converting to buyers, then Facebook is an excellent way to do that.  The new direction Facebook seems to be beating out Google on is mobile advertising by placing relevant advertising. From www.business2community.com – Today, 10:59 AM Understanding the basic differences between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. For many small businesses, getting found amongst all of the chatter of the internet is a challenge. It’s like sitting in…   Related articles across the web Will Google ever lose its crown as the most popular search engine? Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization: Tips and Infographic 5 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Needs Google+ 4 steps to small business content marketing success: Steps 1 and 2 What Local Business Leaders Must Know About Search Engines And... read more

Content Marketing and SEO That Works

It’s Not A Choice Between SEO and Content Marketing What I share with you is the encouragement to provide your website visitors with the highest quality content you can find and what you can produce on your own that would be highly valuable to your site visitors. If your content is important to your visitors, the search engines will soon realize that your site has earned some authority. The way I go about this for clients is to curate already proven high traffic content to their site and include an intro much like this intro, to explain how the following content will help them. If I can get an owner to write about what they do, I can take that content, optimize it, publish and syndicate it so people will find the content and want to share it. No matter how good a writer you are, it comes down to what ‘sells’, what is it that people are attracted to. It is very difficult to write all original content and have an army of people every day read your stuff and desire to share it. It’s the very reason why sharing other people’s valuable content helps position your website as the destination for all things relevant to your chosen topic. So the fact is, you can’t win top spots in the SERPs by just having your technical SEO in place. If nearly every competitor has technically optimized SEO, then what kind of advantage do you have? None. Since nearly everyone is following the technical SEO rules, you have to do something different in order to differentiate yourself and gain... read more

To Share Great Content With Your Insights- Scoop.it

“Do you have a content marketing strategy? Do you have the resources necessary to implement your content marketing strategy? Do you find it easy to create unique content on a consistent basis? If you answered NO to any or all of these questions, you’re not alone.”  by Guillaume Decugis   Michael Kristiansen’s insight: Creating unique content on a consistent basis is great, if it draws interest and builds an audience of fans. The time it takes, even when it eventually works, makes it an expensive gamble. What does work is starting with content that already draws high interest and would be of high value to your audience and fans.  The cost to curate content is about 62% less than producing all original content. Since content curation works a lot faster in attracting visitors to your site, the return on investment can be far greater. Spidering the web for great content, then curating that content for your audience by adding some insight, will continually grow your audience.  It happens by syndicating the content through social sharing.  In a short time frame of twenty posts a month for a couple of months, I’ve seen four to five times more people visit a web site originating from social networks than search engines, even though the traffic coming from search engines had grown.  The number of pages viewed went up 800%. What you curate today will continue to draw interest and traffic to your site in the future.  What NetMoreNow offers are content management and marketing programs that grow your online presence and take care of the time draining activities that keep many website owners working... read more

10 Big Brand Facebook Tactics Any Business Can Use

Do you have big-brand Facebook page envy? Do you, as a small business owner, want your page to be popular and engaging? It’s easier than you think to emulate what Facebook’s major players do. In this article, I’ll show you how some of the top brands keep their fans coming back, and how you can follow their lead to build an engaging page of your own. #1: Capitalize on Major Events and Holidays During the Sochi Olympics, Coca-Cola hosted a contest/series called #CokeGames. The gist of it was that they created silly Olympics-inspired games like Bottle Cap Hockey, Coke Curling, Ice Cube Ski Jump. Then, they asked their followers to play along by filming and uploading short videos of the Coke fan playing the game. The incentive was a $100 gift card. View the Original... read more

Split Testing the Facebook Call-to-Action Button

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO We ran a split-test of the Facebook call-to-action button. Read on to see how it performed and get some insights for your own marketing campaigns. Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: One of the things to consider with the call to action buttons now available to promote sponsored posts (pay to reach your own fans and more who fit your demographics) is how well your Fanpage is established, the number of Fans who already like your business fanpage.  It is a pay to play in order to get your sponsored post exposure so the reach is big enough to get action taking place on your sponsored post ad.  The results are very impactful when there’s a 30% increase by using the CTA Facebook buttons.  It’s good advice to use this if selling products, services, need to register people for an event, or driving people into a sales funnel campaign.  Start with the premise that Facebook is where your customers and prospects reside the most.  A very narrow niche can still work if you drill down into the demographics to identify and engage your best prospects. See on... read more

How Many Doors Lead To Lead Generation On Your Website?

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO How many doors do you have in your home? A front door and a back door? Maybe you have a door that leads to the driveway or out through the garage? So you have about 2 or 3 ways to get into your home. And for a physical home that … Continue reading → Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: Ah yes, the homepage treated as if it’s the only door to your website is a mistake.  Blogging opens many doors because the discovery of relevant information has high value to the interested party, and each post has it’s own doorway into the website. The ‘take a tour’ strategy makes perfect sense to show the content most relevant to the visitor’s preference.  The process of doing that is called many things, including ‘silos’.  It’s wise to take one specific topic and link only highly relevant content to the specific topic, creating a very coherent site that’s enjoyable and informative.  Content management is part and parcel this very thing of connecting all content specific to the topic. See on... read more

8 Types of Twitter Cards Businesses Are Using |

Do you know what a Twitter card is? This article shares eight types of Twitter cards, how to install them and their analytics options. Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: There are eight Twitter cards to choose from, all doing something a little bit different in including additional info with a tweet.  The two that are definitely more powerful are the ones that drive traffic to your website and lead generation.  These two have to be configured under Twitter ads instead of just taking the code and adding to the head section of your website.   There is such an opportunity to feature a tweet that drives traffic to your website, or a promoted tweet that collects email info for opting into your blog.  This is worth doing for an upcoming web promotion.   With a bit of effort adding a Twitter card will be delivering a whole lot more! See on... read more

Tribes Have A Commonality In Beliefs That Businesses Can Cater To

Your Brand Must Speak Directly To Different  ‘Tribal Constituents’ Media sources have been splintering for years, each themselves attempting to reach a segment of the population that believes in the messenger as much as what is in the message.  It’s obvious in TV news that the messenger messes with the message to deliver packaged ‘news’ that has a level of bias that appeals to their constituents, or regular viewers.  This same idea spills into commerce, where businesses either choose an open source philosophy or are more into the walled garden philosophy, which Apple is a good example.  An open tribal community everyone can contribute to if they want, and anyone can benefit from what it produces.  The closed tribe, is built on fervent followers who disavow any substitution and desire an integrated solution within the walled garden, hence the loyalty to Apple products. The brand you build in business gives a business some control over perception.  As long as the perception of what the company delivers matches closely with reality, there’s a great opportunity to build a legion of customers or fans that have tribal traits that carry a commonality in beliefs and values that match up with what the company delivers to them.  Sometimes the traits are defined as a lifestyle that is desired by members of the ‘tribe’. What your business is about must be easily understood, have clarity in its marketing and insight into the needs of its customers or tribe.  In startups and businesses at different points in their growth both need access to is a well branded marketing campaign, the ability to deliver high... read more

How To Activate Tribes For Viral Content Marketing Success

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO The idea of “Tribes,” popularized by Seth Godin and others, is just a fancy way of articulating the idea that the internet has allowed for massive segmentation of individuals. These silos of individuals can be thought of as tribes because they behave cohesively and respond similarly to stimuli that resonate with their shared interests, desires […] Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: This by another name is targeted marketing.  Rather than invest in mass marketing and hoping you hit something, tribal marketing success is built on relationships and like interests.  Defining who are your best prospects is a worthwhile exercise that yields better customer acquisition cost.  The more you know about your best prospects, the easier it is to discern whether you’ll reach them on Facebook or on LinkedIn for example. The main attraction that builds a highly interested tribe is the story.  The most success goes to the people who can tell engaging stories that naturally support and sell your product or service because more people can relate and desire to buy from you. See on... read more

How to Use Hashtags on Google Plus: Do’s and Don’ts (Infographic)

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO Hashtags have been around for a while now and most of us are probably familiar with them as they relate to Twitter. Hashtags exist to help people find and participate in conversations on topics that … Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: It is part art part science using hashtags in a way that helps more people find your content.  There’s a fine balance and this infographic shows the Google+ side of promoting content to reach an interested audience.  A trending article curated and hashtags added, can drive traffic to your site to find desired content worth consuming. The last piece in the infographic is a good tip in recognizing great hashtags to be using.  See on... read more

You Can Create A Sales Bridge Newsletter To Make More Sales

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO Show of hands. Who else has done this? You spend precious time creating content for a monthly newsletter.  You insert pictures, play around with the headline, and write the copy. Next you wrestle with the software.  Is it optimized for mobile?  How does it look on a desktop? An hour or two later, you finally … Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: Well, author Greg Digneo hits upon the great effort people put into their newsletters only to wonder did they get it right.  Keep in mind, relevant content is best served as best you can, and with incremental improvement in delivery and quality, content marketing using email newsletters does work.  What I find unique is the sales bridge newsletter that bridges the gap between the ‘helpful tips’ and the sales process.  It takes into account how the keep in touch newsletters help build a relationship, but falls flat as to making an offer. The fact remains, we over think how much information is needed to be helpful and ‘complete’, and actually causing distractions that causes recipients to lose focus on any call to action that finally shows up in the newsletter.  So step 1, narrow the focus makes a lot of sense.  Without getting step 2 right, readers might not go any further than the headline.  A headline that is all about solving a problem readers are having, will draw interest towards the meat of the content being shared.  Step 3, yes grabbing attention, is really coming up with a remarkable statement that hits on top of... read more

3 Awesome Twitter Marketing Tips For Your Business

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO Twitter has become one of the most valuable marketing tools available to business owners. But knowing how to best use it may not be as widely known. Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: These are not specific tips in using Twitter in marketing a business, it’s more of a road map to take engaging Twitter followers seriously.  Responding, recognizing followers goes a long way to ensure retention.  The means to doing so is delivering content that supports why people follow you in the first place.  The warning is there to not use Twitter overtly for sales pitches.  The same struggle businesses have online generating interest in their websites is the same on Twitter, that is, generating high value content.  We work on this for clients and ourselves by curating content that is of great interest to the audience it’s intended for.  As this post is curated, we want to point out that it’s also being syndicated to Twitter and other major social networks where the interested audiences hang out.  In the article, repurposing and scheduling is mentioned as the second tip.  Publishing consistently matters and reaching your audience when they’re paying attention means figuring out a publishing calendar that optimizes for a greater audience.  Twitter is the one network where repeating a tweet two or three times throughout the day can work to reach your audience. See on... read more

Facebook Audio Recognition Brings New Features (and ways to monetize!)

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO Facebook announced that it would be adding a new Facebook audio recognition feature. Read on to find out about this new feature and its implications. Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: This is great, Facebook has a new way to monetize data by implementing audio recognition.  This is a new way to focus on your core audience and engage with them.  Awesome possibilities.  Still, the people give up their privacy (even with privacy control options few will opt-out).  For marketers, the info is invaluable to reach your most interested audience.  It isn’t long before the cost to use the info is bidded up to the point the data becomes a marginal benefit, unless of course your marketing budget is limitless. Facebook loves you then.  Still a little sore about the effort to build a fanbase and then being charged to reach your own fans.  Gotta play their game to get the valuable data. See on... read more

Making Review Sites Work for Your Business

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO Like it or not, review sites are here to stay, much to t… Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: One of my clients is a dentist of thirty years.  He is well liked by his patients and his competency is at the highest level.  However, his quirky humor caused a couple of terrible reviews on his Google Places page, now Google+ integrated.  These were the only reviews he had.  His practice started growing at a much slower pace.  To fix this, you want to be quick at responding to bad reviews.  So much time had passed it was a little late for that.  The solution was to bring in a videographer and invite patients in to give a testimonial.  We got seven great video testimonials and encouraged them to put a review on Google+ and Yelp.  The bad reviews were pushed off the first page and the great reviews outweigh the bad.  Whatever your business, reputation management is important to build a high wall of protection around your business so a bad review is likely to be ignored because of all the great reviews.  Clients are your ambassadors and they are more than happy to help you out if properly asked to do so.  If you don’t ask you don’t get.  People may rate food establishments but they don’t bother much with other services unless asked nicely. See on... read more

Why Email Remains at the Core of Small Business Marketing

See on Scoop.it – Buyer Traffic Generation | Content & Video Marketing | SEO The reality is that despite the growth of social media advertising, email remains one of the highest ROI and most measurable marketing tools available for small businesses…. Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: The important lesson is to polish up your email marketing efforts.  Best reasons given is email has the best ROI.  It is why social media marketers tune their campaigns towards getting a list built of qualified prospects.  Done well and the prospects have qualified themselves.   The article explains what open rates are and what an ‘open to click rate’ means.  Though open rates overall have improved, that only shows initial interest.  It’s going to matter how many clicked a link in the email to go a step further and engage with your offers or information offered. Content marketing campaigns tie in very well with email marketing because newsletter content can come directly from your blogs. Some services take more explaining and building trust and confidence to buy.  This is why autoresponders are important information delivery tools because a well designed series of email can do the educating and offerings on a paced schedule automatically. Now, how does the swing to mobile change things?  Realize now if you haven’t yet that a high percentage of people check email on their mobile devices.  This means subject lines, who the email is from and the simplicity of the message matters, so staying highly relevant, short and sweet. See on... read more

3 Ways To Grow Your Business With LinkedIn – Jeffbullas’s Blog

With 300 million users and 49% being key decision makers on LinkedIn, It should not be ignored. Here are 3 key tips to grow your business with LinkedIn Michael Kristiansen‘s insight: The LinkedIn network is the best platform for many types of businesses, especially B2B professional services of all kinds.  The effort to succeed is taking interest in other people and building relationships, it’s more focused on a give to get principle.  To cut the large amount of time that needs to devoted to it, is to consider bringing in a marketer who has strong knowledge of your business and excellent copywriting skills that are employed in prospecting within LinkedIn Groups.  With a little automation what can take several hours a day can be cut drastically so that most of your time is spent directly communicating and building business relationships.  Sincerity matters, and so does following up with people who have shown interest.  Like any business, trust comes first, second is whether you are ruled out, and third comes the mutually beneficial relationships (business happens). Jeff, who I like to follow his ways of doing things and adopt what I like, is coming out with personal branding around media exposure as an excellent way to rise above the competitive noise.  A favorite of mine is joint ventures that make sense and money.  And lastly, Jeff speaks about concentrating on each individual on a one on one basis.  This certainly builds a lasting foundation for long term clients, friendships and lots of business opportunities. See on... read more


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