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Content Marketing By Creating High Value Content

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Creating A Power Structure For Publishing High Value Content

By creating a structure based on the hierarchy of keyword phrases, a strong foundation is laid down to build a website than best features high value content people can easily find.  The better the quality of the content the more high value readers will perceive and benefit from.  Keep in mind that Google is looking at each single word and the times and ways used in the content.  If the top five single words happen to contain the keyword phrase the content is to be known for, then Google will find congruency and the right context.  No more anchor linking phrases as this looks forced.  By measuring the interaction of visitors and how long they stay on the site, the more the SEs will deem the content to be of high value and will rank the webpage accordingly.


Site Structure And Content Marketing

One Primary Key Phrase

Four Secondary Key Phrases

Sixteen Tertiary Key Phrases

optimal website strategy









This video explains a keyword tool plugin for WordPress sites that help match what Google is seeing as significant and what the webpage wants to be known for.