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Video Marketing Virility

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5 Video Marketing Standards To Meet

By Published on DashBurst

This article tells you the recipe for producing a marketing video that can go viral, you must be creative and add the ingredients to create virility.  Video production is both an art and an evolving technonlogy.

1. High-quality video production

According to Mashable, 9 out of the top 10 viral videos on YouTube in 2012 were professionally created. The quality of your video matters!

2. Think like a street performer

Avoid typical cheesy product shots and try and find and interesting angle that relates to your brand.

3. Be Unforgettable

Do you temember that hilarious DollarShaveClub.com campaign, “Our Blades Are F***ing Great?” I know I do… and I’m pretty sure Gillette remembers too.

Safe is risky. – Seth Godin

4. Be Human

Be real, like human real. Don’t be afraid to let the CEO make a cameo, or show real employees. And people love it when you take it to the streets with live broadcasts!

5. Don’t forget to promote

The key to going viral is to get a bunch of people to see it. Be proactive, and start emailing journalists and bloggers personally at least one week before release. Try to get coverage on 2 or 3 top sites. You can find anyone’s email using Rapportive! Then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo and anywhere else you can, including the new DashBurst social network coming soon!